Friday, July 31, 2009

Wire wrapping and a beaded dragonfly pendant

I sat down late last night in front of my work table and started on a wire wrapped amazonite necklace. I've had these beads for months, have loved them, even petted them from time to time, but just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with them. When I discovered the other night that I really enjoyed wire wrapping, they came to mind. I'm pretty pleased with the results and have another wire wrapped project all lined up. Click on the title if you want to see the listing and more pics.

I couldn't help myself. I just had to see this new treasure up close and personal. lol I've been hanging out in DorriesBeadStuffs studio again. Her bead work just amazes me. So precise, so neat, so beautiful and this dragonfly button pendant is no exception. I really wish I had a camera that could do this pendant justice. Heck, I really wish I had a camera that could still zoom in. :)

My eldest sister was here the day the dragonfly pendant arrived and while she was here I showed her this blog (she doesn't have internet access). She says I'm enjoying this blog way too much and that I'm using it to pick on her. (reference to my steam roller comment and others in "Parting with a new treasure" July 21st. hehe) Now I don't agree that telling the truth should be considered "picking on her" but I will admit to having fun with the blog.

After reading the blog it was suggest that she would feel much better about it if the pendant went to live with her. You know to ease her injured pride. (what an actress she is!) I told her, "In the interest of family harmony (and to keep you from just taking it!) the dragonfly pendant can go live with you." What she doesn't know is that I planned on giving her the pendant all along. Her thinking she conned me out of it is just too funny. lol


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