Saturday, August 15, 2009

Teaching the next generation

I have heard that a child does most of his learning and that a good portion of his personality is formed all within the first six years of his life. I'm not so sure I believe that, but... It's a good excuse to expose my grandson to all sorts of things. :) So, just like I did with my own children, my 3 year old grandson and I are having fun learning.

We are learning how to share.

We are learning how to play nice with doggies and not to ever bite the doggie's ear again.

We are learning how to paint and that's it's OK to get a little messy... as long as you don't have on a brand new outfit. (Grama doesn't care about paint on clothes, but Mommy does!)

We are learning that even when you get "sand" in Grama's "water" that Grama will turn it into "shallows" and laugh about it.

We are learning that balloons make the best kind of hats and to never, ever put one in your mouth or Grama will take them all away.

We are learning about animals and the sounds they make. And we are learning about rocks and carvings. We have also learned that if you step on a fluorite turtle the head snaps off so we have to take better care of our rocks and not leave them on the floor or Grama won't get you any more.

We are learning that Grama's sister won't share her ruby rings or her beads but she will buy you fossilized dinosaur poop (coprolite).

We are learning that if you give Grama a kiss on the cheek and a hug she will turn her display piece into a hat so you can play with it.

And that if you add an "I wuv ju Drama" she will even let you put the hat on her head...for a minute or two.

Learning can be so much fun! I wonder what we are going to learn next?


  1. Your grandson is very cute...biting the dog's ear made me laugh.

    I was reading your profile, it sound so interesting, I especially love that you are a balloon twister, that is such a fun thing!!

  2. Absolutely delightful, Bonnie!
    Not only the words you'd written, but the photos, too. And your heart is all over. We should all learn to turn each other's "sand..into shallows..and laugh."!!