Sunday, September 13, 2009

My own brand of entertaining...

Being painfully shy (in person) has always hindered the part of me that is an entertainer. Most of the time I doubt that entertainer part even exists in me. I can't remember jokes so I share parts of my life in the form of amusing real life stories and remarks laced with dry humor and gentle sarcasm in order to be entertaining.

I suppose because I don't really think of myself as "an entertainer" but more along the lines of "an entertaining twister" that I am now sitting here contemplating what sort of impact my balloons and I are having on my own little corner of the world and if what I say and do has any impact later on for those I twist for.

I know the power of balloons. I have seen how a little chit chat and a balloon can, at least for a little while, turn tears of grief into laughter. I have seen how a balloon hat can turn someone too shy to mingle at a party into the life of the party. I have seen how balloons can turn a quite restaurant filled with customers, mostly strangers to one another, into a rowdy place filled with laughter and chatter amongst the tables.

I know I can get a child to eat their broccoli just by telling them that if they don't eat their dinner/lunch they won't get a balloon (which by the way my sister says is an abuse of power. lol) I've had children come back the following week and tell be they even ate their broccoli ate home too. OK, so I know I have to power to get children eat broccoli... just like Popeye and his spinach. :)

But then there are the comments I routinely make that I really wonder about:

Said to small boys, "Do you help at home too? You do! Too cool! Do you do all the man things like dishes, laundry, and vacuuming?"

Said to teenaged girls, "You have a boyfriend? Wow! I'm so impressed! I didn't realize you had already finished college. 'Cause everyone knows you aren't supposed to date until you finish college."

Said to children while making them a balloon hat, "Holy smoke you have a big head! You must be super smart! I can always tell who is smart and who isn't just my looking at their head and I'm never wrong. Well except for teenaged boys. Their head shrinks so fast from lack of use it's hard to judge accurately."

Said to women, "I almost never pick on ladies. I feel that anyone who has to wash someone elses dirty underware has been picked on enough."

Said to... Well you get the idea. So, will comments like these have any impact at all? Probably not. But I can hope. :)


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