Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good morning,

These last couple of weeks have been pretty rough. I'm just recovering from a bout of bronchitis. I've missed working my weekly restaurants so no income at all, no energy, and what energy I might have had has been sapped away by the temps which soar in the 90s(F) . And don't forget the humidity. ugh! sigh ...

Just in case you don't know, I'm a full time, balloon twisting entertainer. That's not to say I'm a clown because I'm not. It takes someone really special to work as a clown and not scare the heck out of kids and adults. I don't have that gift. What I am is a balloon twister. I take the same type of balloons that a clown might use to make the one balloon dogs and swords, and turn them into some pretty awesome sculptures. (like the one on the right) If you would like to see more of what I do, here is my online balloon portfolio: Bonnie, The Balloon Lady

So, back to this past couple of weeks... Since I couldn't work my restaurant gigs (not cool to cough all over people while they are eating.), I tried to learn more about soldering sterling silver.

...I bet your thinking balloons and soldering have nothing in common. Right? lol Well lets just say that I'm an artist that expresses her creativity in a variety of mediums...

I managed to make my first, start to finish bezel cup. If I had been feeling better at the time, I would have done a happy dance. The overall workmanship wasn't that great, but I am particularly pleased with it anyway. I didnt' want to practice on my cabochons so I used one of my ocean jasper beads. You can read a bit more about this pendant here: Bonnie's first pendant


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