Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wire wrapped pendant

Last night to my complete surprise I discovered that I really enjoy doing wire wrapped jewelry...

Several days ago I had finished a hand painted pendant. I had chosen to paint a dolphin scene on a turquoise bead. I liked the end result even though the colors were more muted than I preferred and I really liked how I managed to let part of the turquoise show through and become part of the miniature scene.

But I had problems with the clear acrylic sealer. The first coat went on perfect. The second coat, just as nice... but the third coat... bubbles!!! and lots of them!!! After waiting several days to make sure the sealer was thoroughly dry, I sanded out the bubbles and re-coated it. Again more bubbles!!! Now I was cranky! Again I wait for a couple of days, sand, apply another coat of sealer. Again more bubbles!!!! grrr!!!

I was ready to toss the pendant in the trash but then pure old fashioned stubbornness kicked in. I refused to throw away all that time and effort. I let the pendant cure for a week, then once again, sand, and re-coat. This time, no bubbles. About time, I thought. grumble, grumble Well I finally fixed the bubble problem but just for the record, six layers of sealer does not enhance a miniature painting, especially if it's colors are already muted. lol

As you can tell in the "after" photo, the dolphin is blurry (it's not just my old camera). It looks like you are viewing it though a clear, glass drinking tumbler. All the details that I so painstakingly added are now hidden beneath layers of sealer. sigh...

Once again, stubbornness takes over and I decide that I will finish the pendant, but I'm not going to waste my precious sterling silver sheet to make it a bezel cup. I had never done a wire wrapped piece before but decided that if I messed that up, it wouldn't be that costly of a mistake. I settled on a simple wrap with few embellishments. It was in finishing this pendant that I discovered I really enjoyed the wire wrapping process. Visions of future projects now crowd my thoughts. The pendant bead is picked out. The first subject to paint is chosen. Now all I have to do is wait for my new order of sterling silver wire to arrive. :)

I was going to go ahead and try to sell the pendant, even though I am not happy with it. I even went so far as to list it in my Artfire studio early this morning. However, this afternoon when my oldest sister came for a visit, she decided she liked it despite the obvious flaw. I took the listing down and gave her the pendant. That I'm happy with.


  1. Love pendant and lovely work!
    Welcome to the wire wrapping world! :) I was hooked the first time till now and that was almost 3 years ago...and its never boring as the possibilities are endless.

  2. Congratulations on finding wire wrapping! I love it, and have a hard time finding enough time to do all that I want to. Oh, and the ideas crowding your head? They will never go away!lol

  3. Thanks for the welcome and the congrats but I must say your comments are a little scary: "...hooked the first time..." and "...ideas crowding your head? They will never go away!" I too don't have enough time in the day for everything and now I have one more addictive craft to add to my Iwannado list. lol